EuroMET CD v.4.0

Welcome to the EuroMET CD. This CD contains all the EuroMET modules completed by February 3rd, 1999. This amounts to 110 modules in English, 96 in French, 110 in German and 110 in Spanish.* The CD can be used for demonstration purposes or for copying the courses onto your local server. Be aware that the quizzes need to be on a web server (location starts with http:// not file://) so will not work direct from the CD or harddrive, but nearly all the other Java interactions will work fine. Any modules containing CGI scripts will not work from the CD or from your local server.  This CD was put together by Peter Douglas (

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* This CD does not contain the 29 modules still to be reengineered - you can find these modules in the beta directory of one of the EuroMET servers.