Introduction to MSG Channels

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Channels Basic information Characteristic applications and examples
SEVIRI instrument  
Solar channels: Ch01 (0.6 µm), Ch02 (0.8 µm), Ch03 (1.6 µm)
Ch12 (High Resolution Visible)
  • HRV (MS PowerPoint, 9610 KB)  *
Ch04: 3.9 µm
IR Window channels: Ch07 (8.7 µm), Ch09 (10.8 µm), Ch10 (12.0 µm)  
Water vapour channels: Ch05 (6.2 µm), Ch06 (7.3 µm)  
Ozone Channel: Ch08 (9.7 µm)  
CO2 channel: Ch11 (13.4 µm)  
RGB applications  
Cloud Processes