The Solar Eclipse Animation from 21 June 2001

Visible Channel

The two eclipse animations, using images every 10 minutes from 09:00 UTC to 13:50 UTC, show the effects of the eclipse.

In the first animation, constructed using images taken with the Meteosat-6 visible detector, the shadow of the moon is clearly visible as it moves from left to right across the image.

In the second animation, the same area is shown but this time the images used to construct the animation were taken with the infra red detector of Meteosat-6. The effect of the eclipse is less noticeable but what is interesting to note is that over Southern Africa the temperature cooling caused by the eclipse is visible as it moves from left to right, in the opposite direction that the land normally cools as the sun goes down.
Infra red Channel
Note, unfortunately it is unlikely that the two animations will be synchronised in your browser!

Alternative artificially coloured animations (courtesy of Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL), University of Zurich-Irchel, Switzerland) are available below.

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