Table of Contents

GOME-2 Product Guide

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Reference Documents
    2.1 EPS programme documents
    2.2 SAF documents
    2.3 Papers, reports and other technical documentation

  3. GOME-2 Products Configuration History

  4. GOME-2 Products Overview
    4.1 The GOME-2 instrument
      4.1.1 Instrument hardware
      4.1.2 Data packet structure and basic instrument operation
      4.1.3 Observation modes Earth observation modes Calibration modes Other modes
      4.1.4 GOME-2 timelines & timeline tables
      4.1.5 Timeline planning
      4.1.6 On-ground calibration & characterisation
      4.1.7 In-flight characterisation & calibration
    4.2 GOME-2 data processing
      4.2.1 Level 0 to 1b data processing Level 1b product summary and estimated accuracies
      4.2.2 Level 1b to 2 data processing The Ozone Monitoring Satellite Application Facility Operational Level 2 products from GOME-2 Ozone profile and aerosol products Total column ozone and trace gases Near-real-time UV products Off-line UV fields including clouds and surface albedo Level 2 product summary and expected accuracies & precision

  5. Data Viewing and Reading
    5.1 Generic tools for data reading
    5.2 BEAT for data reading

  6. GOME-2 Product Formats and Dissemination
    6.1 EPS products available dissemination means
      6.1.1 Satellite Direct Broadcast Service
      6.1.2 EUMETCast
      6.1.3 GTS/RMDCN
      6.1.4 UMARF
    6.2 GOME-2 products disseminatation
      6.2.1 Near-real-time dissemination
      6.2.2 Archive retrieval
    6.3 GOME-2 EPS product format
      6.3.1 The EPS native formats General overview of the EPS generic product format Granularity of the EPS products Product format version control Product naming convention
      6.3.2 GOME-2 Level 1a products
      6.3.3 GOME-2 Level 1b products

  7. GOME-2 Products Processing Algorithms
    7.1 Algorithmic functions
      7.1.1 Initialisation and pre-processing
      7.1.2 Geolocation
      7.1.3 In-flight calibration parameters
      7.1.4 Scene dependent corrections
      7.1.5 Absolute radiometric calibration
      7.1.6 Quality flagging (product confidence data generation) Sensor performance assessment Product quality evaluation

  8. GOME-2 Products Validation & Monitoring
    8.1 Objectives
    8.2 GOME-2 in-orbit verification
    8.3 Instrument monitoring
    8.4 Level 1 verification, confidence checking and validation
      8.4.1 Verification and validation of geolocation information
      8.4.2 Validation of wavelength calibration parameters
      8.4.3 Validation of Stokes fractions using a vector RTM
      8.4.4 Validation of cloud parameters
      8.4.5 Validation of the Sun Mean Reference (SMR) spectrum
      8.4.6 Preliminary validation of earthshine radiance spectra and albedo
    8.5 Atmospheric constituent verification and validation
      8.5.1 Ground-based measurements
      8.5.2 Satellite measurements
      8.5.3 Aircraft and balloon measurements
      8.5.4 Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) analysis fields
    8.6 Validation of Ozone Monitoring SAF products
    8.7 Scientific activities carried out via the EPS/Metop RAO

  9. Record Description of the GOME-2 Level 1a Products

  10. Record Description of the GOME-2 Level 1b Products

Common Appendices

  Appendix A: Summary of all EPS Products

  Appendix B: Metop Operational Orbit
    B.1 Metop orbit basic parameters
    B.2 Metop attitude law
      B.2.1 Metop yaw steering law
    B.3 Metop orbit and attitude propagation
      B.3.1 Orbit propagation
      B.3.2 Metop attitude propagation

  Appendix C: Data Types Used by the Generic EPS Format
    C.1 Basic data types
    C.2 Compound data types

  Appendix D: Format and Contents of the GRH and IPR
    D.1 Generic Record Header
      D.1.1 RECORD_CLASS enumerated values
      D.1.2 INSTRUMENT_GROUP enumerated values
      D.1.3 RECORD_SUBCLASS values
      D.1.5 RECORD_SIZE values
      D.1.6 Definitions of RECORD_START_TIME and RECORD_STOP_TIME values
    D.2 Generic Internal Pointer Record

  Appendix E: Acronyms and Abbreviations