Table of Contents

AVHRR Level 1b Product Guide

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Reference Documents
    2.1 EPS programme documents
    2.2 SAF documents
    2.3 Papers, reports and other technical documentation

  3. AVHRR Level 1b Products Configuration History

  4. AVHRR Level 1b Products Overview
    4.1 The AVHRR/3 instrument
      4.1.1 Technical description
      4.1.2 Nominal scanning geometry
      4.1.3 Instrument calibration Visible and near-infrared channels Thermal infrared channels
    4.2 Overview of the ground processing and calibration
      4.2.1 Pre-processing
      4.2.2 Level 1b processing Generation of the Level 1b product contents Scenes analysis
      4.2.3 Post-processing and quality control
      4.2.4 Nominal and degraded processing modes
    4.3 AVHRR Level 1b product characteristics and use
      4.3.1 General characteristics
      4.3.2 Quality information in the products
    4.4 Summary of AVHRR Level 1b product current and potential applications
      4.4.1 Applications in meteorology
      4.4.2 Applications in oceanography
      4.4.3 Applications in terrestrial sciences

  5. Data Viewing and Reading

  6. AVHRR Level 1b Product Formats and Dissemination
    6.1 EPS products available dissemination means
      6.1.1 Satellite Direct Broadcast Service
      6.1.2 EUMETCast
      6.1.3 GTS/RMDCN
      6.1.4 EUMETSAT Data Centre
    6.2 AVHRR products dissemination
      6.2.1 Near-real-time dissemination
      6.2.2 Archive retrieval
    6.3 AVHRR EPS native product formats
      6.3.1 The EPS native formats General overview of the EPS generic product format Granularity of the EPS products Product format version control Product naming convention
      6.3.2 The AVHRR Level 1b product format
      6.3.3 Deriving reflectance factors for VIS and NIR channels
      6.3.4 Deriving brightness temperatures for IR channels
    6.4 The HDF format

  7. AVHRR Level 1 Product Processing Algorithms
    7.1 AVHRR Level 1 processing details
      7.1.1 Radiances
      7.1.2 Geolocation
      7.1.3 Scenes analysis
      7.1.4 Land/Sea Surface Temperatures
      7.1.5 Cloud Top Temperature

  8. AVHRR Level 1 Products Validation

  9. AVHRR Level 1 Products Routine Monitoring

  10. ATOVS, IASI and AVHRR Processing Chain Inter-dependencies

  11. Record Description of the AVHRR Level 1b Product

Common Appendices

  Appendix A: Summary of all EPS Products

  Appendix B: Metop Operational Orbit
    B.1 Metop orbit basic parameters
    B.2 Metop attitude law
      B.2.1 Metop yaw steering law
    B.3 Metop orbit and attitude propagation
      B.3.1 Orbit propagation
      B.3.2 Metop attitude propagation

  Appendix C: Data Types Used by the Generic EPS Format
    C.1 Basic data types
    C.2 Compound data types

  Appendix D: Format and Contents of the GRH and IPR
    D.1 Generic Record Header
      D.1.1 RECORD_CLASS enumerated values
      D.1.2 INSTRUMENT_GROUP enumerated values
      D.1.3 RECORD_SUBCLASS values
      D.1.5 RECORD_SIZE values
      D.1.6 Definitions of RECORD_START_TIME and RECORD_STOP_TIME values
    D.2 Generic Internal Pointer Record

  Appendix E: Acronyms and Abbreviations