2. Reference Documents

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2. Reference Documents

The following documents have been used to compile the information in this guide. Some of them are referenced within the text, others are provided here for further reading.

2.1 EUMETSAT technical documents

[RD11] EPS Generic Product Format Specification EPS.GGS.SPE.96167
[RD12] ASCAT Level 1 Product Format Specification EPS.MIS.SPE.97233
[RD13] ASCAT Product Generation Function Specification EUM.EPS.SYS.SPE.990009
[RD14] ASCAT Calibration and Validation Plan EUM.EPS.SYS.PLN.01.011
[RD15] EPS Programme Calibration and Validation Overall Plan EUM.EPS.SYS.PLN.02.004
[RD16] ASCAT Instrument Technical Description MO.RP.DOR.SC.0001
[RD17] ASCAT Measurement Data Interface Specification MO.TN.DOR.SC.0015
[RD19] U-MARF LEO Format Descriptions EUM/OPS/USR/06/1855
[RD20] EUMETCast Technical Description EUM TD 15
[RD21] EPS Product file naming for EUMETCast EUM/OPS-EPS-TEN/07/0012
[RD22] ASCAT L2 Soil Moisture Product Format Specification EUM/OPS-EPS/SPE/07/0343
[RD23] Metop-A ASCAT Commissioning Quality Report EUM.MET.REP.08.0525
[RD24] ASCAT Level 1 Reprocessing Phase 1 - dataset description EUM.OPS.DOC.09.2481
[RD25] ASCAT Level 2 Soil Moisture reprocessing Phase 1 - dataset description EUM.OPS.DOC.09.2569
[RD26] ASCAT Reprocessing Phase 1 - validation report EUM.OPS.REP.09.3033
[RD27] Metop Space to Ground Interface Specification MO-IF-MMT-SY0001
See www.eumetsat.int for more information on the project.

2.2 SAF documents

[RD31] OSI SAF Output Formats Description Document SAF/OSI/M-F/TEC/SP/044
[RD32] OSI SAF ASCAT Product User Manual SAF/OSI/KNMI/TEC/MA/134
[RD33] CMOD5.n - the CMOD5 GMF for neutral winds SAF/OSI/CDOP/KNMI/TEC/TN/165
See www.nwpsaf.org for more information on the NWP SAF project.

See www.osi-saf.org for more information on the OSI SAF project.

2.3 Papers, reports and other technical documentation

[RD41] The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) on the meteorological operational (MetOp) platform: A follow on for European wind scatterometers J. Figa-Saldaña, J.J.W. Wilson, E. Attema, R. Gelsthorpe, M.R. Drinkwater and A. Stoffelen
Can.J.Remote Sensing, Vol.28, No.3, pp.404-412, 2002
[RD42] ASCAT-MetOp's Advanced Scatterometer Gelsthorpe, R.V., Schied, E., Wilson, J.J.W.
ESA Bulletin
No. 102, 2000 (http://www.esa.int/esapub/bulletin/bullet102/Gelsthorpe102.pdf)
[RD43] Scatterometry A. Stoffelen, PhD Thesis, 1998
[RD44] CMOD5 - An improved geophysical model function for ERS C-Band scatterometry H. Hersbach, 2003
[RD45] Manual on the Global Telecommunication System WMO - No. 386
[RD46] World Meteorological Organization Manual on Codes WMO - No. 306
[RD47] NOAA KLM User's Guide www2.ncdc.noaa.gov/docs/klm
[RD48] ASCAT Soil Moisture Product Handbook Bartalis, Z., Naeimi, V., Hasenauer, S., Wagner, W.
ASCAT Soil Moisture Product Guide. ASCAT Soil Moisture Report Series No. 15, Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2008.
See http://www.ipf.tuwien.ac.at/radar/index.php?go=a_reports for more information about soil moisture retrieval and validation.